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Everything about wedge sole work boots you should know

What Does Wedge Sole Mean?

Wedge sole boots are flat bottom boots for men. In other words, wedge sole work boots are flat bottom work boots. However, unlike some flat sole work boots, it has an elevated back part (heel-like section).


This means they provide all the support and comfort you would expect from a work boot with a heel. Moreover, since all wedge work boots are flat-bottomed, they provide support to your entire underfoot including the area below your midfoot arch.

In contrast, most work boots are not flat-bottomed. Therefore, they do not provide support under the midfoot arch. So the biggest advantage of wearing a wedge sole work boot or shoe is to get complete underfoot support.

What Are The Shortcomings And The Benefits Of Wedge Sole Work Boots?

Wedge work boots do not have a definitive heel. Therefore, they usually do not provide as good a traction or a grip as boots that have a big projecting heel. For this reason, they tend not to offer very good slip-resistance. Wedge work boots are also typically more expensive than ordinary work boots.

The benefits of wedge work boots are many. They tend to offer very good mid-foot arch support. Because of this, most people who wear a wedge sole work boot tend not to experience sore feet at the end of the day. They also tend to remain comfortable throughout the day even in case of very long work day (e.g. a double shift).

From the above wedge sole vs heel work boots discussion, it is easy to see that wedge sole boots offer much more support and comfort than heel work boots.

Are Wedge Sole Boots More Comfortable?

Wedge sole work boots tend to be much more comfortable than ordinary work boots. This is because they offer great mid-foot arch support. In contrast, work boots without a wedge sole have a space or an opening under the mid-foot arch, for this reason, they do not provide full foot support and very good comfort. Probably the most comfortable boots are women’s wedge work boots.

Features Of The Best Wedge Sole Boots

The best wedge sole work boots have the following features:

1. Water resistance

Traditionally, wax or oil was used to treat boot leather for waterproofing purposes. This process, however, needed several re-applications to maintain. Worse yet is that it did not fully keep out water.

This method is still being used today but the truly waterproof work boots are made using modern synthetic linings or membranes such as Gore-Tex. Note that being water-resistant and waterproof are two different things. The former will not always keep your feet dry when standing in a pool of water.

2. Toe protection

The safety toe (steel toe cap) has been the standard of toe protection ever since its development back in 1940. It was not until a few years ago that composite toe caps (made using carbon fiber, fiberglass, plastic, or Kevlar) became popular.

They both (steel toes and composite toes) have their own pros and cons. Steel toes are better in protection from cuts and punctures though it isn’t a great choice during winter as it is a good cold conductor.

Composite toes, on the other hand, are lighter in weight and do not conduct electricity though they are more costly.

3. Insulation

Insulated wedge sole work boots normally feature a layer of polyester or any other polymers between the leather and liner for heat preservation. The quantity of insulation material used is normally indicated by weight (the total weight of insulation in one work boot). The greater the number, the warmer and thicker the insulation is.

4. Slip-resistance

Slip-resistance boots feature outsoles that are made using soft materials like rubber that allows them to maintain a firm grip on oily or wet surfaces. Their outsole’s tread patterns are also designed in a way that draws liquids away from the beneath the shoes.

5. Electrical safety

The best work boots offer protect you from electrocution through having a protection layer on their outsoles that break the flow electric current, thus preventing it from getting to you.

Bloody experience in the clothing business you should know

Bloody experience in the clothing business you should know

Importing boxed clothes at a reputable, good price? What is the secret to a highly profitable clothing business? All of these will be answered in detail below in the following article. If you are interested, please click on the article right away!
Importing boxed clothes at a reputable, good price?
This is an extremely important factor for the clothing business. Because your clothing business is stable, developed or not depends on having good sales.
Some of the quality clothes sold on the market today that you can refer to are as follows:
Importing goods from abroad: Korea, Japan, France, UK, USA, Cambodia, … According to the experience of many box shop owners, 80% of Australian and American clothes are new, fragrant and quality. and most are large sizes. However, the price is more than double compared to other countries.
Import goods from the country: You can choose to import clothes from a number of markets such as Kim Lien Market, Dong Tac Market, … in Hanoi. Or Tan Dinh market, Ban Co market, Nhat Tao market, … in Ho Chi Minh City.

The secret to an effective online clothing business

To make the online business of crates convenient and profitable. Here are some basic tips to keep in mind:
About product photography
You should calculate and arrange a beautiful photo background and have a deep color to highlight the clothes. When you’re done taking photos, you can post photos by your own status or by photo albums. Depending on the specific product, you can choose the concept of shooting with samples or shooting without samples for easy visualization.
About how to post for sale on a personal account
When posting product images on your groups or fanpage. In addition to impressive images, you need to give attractive captions such as: Liquidating all wardrobes for travel, liquidating super cheap prices, selling at any price, ….
Of course, for long-term business, you need to post real product images and clearly caption the status quo. Avoid the situation that the customer receives the goods and compares the images to be different from heaven and earth.

Above are some bloody experiences in the business of boxed clothes for you to understand. Wishing you soon success and high profits in your upcoming box business.