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3 special festivals in Poland you should attend once in your life

Poland is not only famous for its magnificent castles, the bustling Wólka Kosowska wholesale center with a variety of items, this country is also impressed by its traditional festivals. You can check out 3 special festivals in Poland below to learn more about this country ..

Wianki – Special festival in Poland

Typical Polish Wianki festival

Wianki is the largest traditional festival held in the summer in Poland in Krakow. The festival’s characteristic is that young men and women choose traditional couple outfits, and drop their hand-made wreaths into the river. Floating wreaths on the river will help women predict her future.

Wianki is ranked as one of the most anticipated festivals in Poland today. At the festival, this country attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world to attend. The festival also shows many cultural features of the people, making visitors appreciate it.

Viking Festival

The Viking Festival takes place on the last Tuesday of January

When it comes to Polish traditional festivals you cannot miss Viking. Because, this festival is considered a cultural feature of the legendary Wolin land.

Coming to the festival, you will be able to participate in a variety of exciting activities such as watching music performances, weapon exhibitions and enjoying typical dishes. In addition, you will learn about how to make weapons, how to become a true Viking warrior …

The Viking Festival is held annually on the last Tuesday of January. The festival marks the end of the Christmas season of the people here. Polish weather is also beautiful at this time. You should book the tour right away to enjoy the fun of the festival. Certainly, just attend Viking once, in the following years you will not hesitate to come to this beautiful country to join again.

Lajkonik festival with attractive activities

The traditional Lajkonik festival always brings a feeling of excitement

The traditional festival in Poland you should not miss is Lajkonik. Because, Lajkonik is held to commemorate the heroes and celebrate the resounding victory of the people against the invasion of Genghis Khan. The time of holding the first fifth festival after the feast of Corpus Christi every year.

Entering the festival, Poles will gather at the Premonstraténia monastery yard in Zwierzyniec district and enjoy the bustle. There are diverse activities going on these days. The most prominent of which should be mentioned: music activities, horse riding, showing the memories of victory …

The Lajkonik festival always attracts the participation of many people. Coming to the festival, you not only can see the bustle of each group of attendees but also understand the culture of the people here. The current festival has many innovations to better suit the modern civilized lifestyle of the people. However, the traditional customs and practices are still being handed down and reappeared each year through a variety of ways of propagation.

The above are 3 special festivals held annually in Poland. Take the time to attend these festivals to enjoy that special feeling. At the same time, if you have visited Poland, do not forget to go to the Wólka Kosowska shopping center to buy for yourself genuine goods with reasonable prices.