It is well known that chemicals used in mosquito sprays or sprays can be dangerous to human health. This is the best method to be effective immediately. That is also the cause of many damages to human health. So, people have changed to use natural methods to kill mosquitoes without causing harm.

Oil spray

Although this is not as effective as it is with chemicals. However, essential oils that repel mosquitoes and insects with a natural scent are many people love.

Use lemongrass and lemon essential oils … effectively kill mosquitoes

To completely kill mosquitoes from essential oils, you need to spray again and again a day. At the same time, the essential oil concentration must be at least 10% and maximum 50% to be effective. Lemongrass and peppermint essential oils are the two essential oils most commonly used in natural mosquito repellent methods.

Burning of leaves, citrus peels

To effectively repel mosquitoes and insects, the citrus peel method is also used a lot. The scent of citrus peel oil will scare mosquitoes.

Tomato tree

In the tomato leaves contain a substance that acts as a mosquito repellant. It is also effective as chemicals that kill mosquitoes. But this is the natural and harmless way like chemicals. At the same time, it is also absolutely safe for human health and nature.

In tomato leaves contain a substance that works like repelling mosquitoes


Garlic is the material that helps to successfully repel mosquitoes. If you are someone who can eat garlic, the garlic smell coming out of your pores also keeps your nose away. Or you can also use garlic water to apply on clothes or skin to keep mosquitoes away most easily. In addition, in agriculture, garlic juice is also used to treat pests and diseases in plants.

Plant tree

One of the last harmless natural methods of killing mosquitoes is planting trees. You can grow fragrant plants. For example lemongrass, lemon, mint or lavender … This is the most natural, safe way not only for health and the environment. It also helps to make your home more fragrant.
The above are effective natural mosquito-killing methods that you can refer to. Hopefully this information will help you apply it easily to prevent mosquitoes at home.